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Middle school students make All-State Choir

498 laredo kids.jpgFifty-two outstanding middle school choir students from the Cherry Creek School District participated in the Middle School All-State Choir program on Feb. 5 and 6. In its second year, the event featured three choirs and 430 students from 85 middle schools. Cherry Creek students from Campus, Falcon Creek, Fox Ridge, Horizon, Laredo, Liberty, Prairie, Sky Vista and Thunder Ridge Middle Schools participated in this prestigious musical event.

Beginning in August, students prepare a solo, a scale and hone their sight-reading skills for a recorded audition in October. This year, more than 1,100 students statewide auditioned for All-State Choir. Once accepted into the choir, students worked on their own and with directors to learn difficult music in preparation for their All-State experience.

Middle School All-State Choir was composed of three different choirs: A men’s choir made up of tenors and basses, a women’s choir of sopranos and altos and a treble choir of sopranos and altos – girls and boys who sing in soprano and alto range.

The event brings renowned directors from across the country to work with middle school students. This year, Dr. Jill Burgett, director of choral music education and associate director of choral studies at UNC, directed the treble choir. Dr. Andrea Ramsey, assistant professor of conducting and associate director of choral studies at the University of Colorado-Boulder, conducted the men’s choir. Dr. David Brunner, prominent composer, professor of music, and director of choral activities at the University of Central Florida, directed the women’s choir.

Students rehearsed with their directors over a period of two days, culminating in a breathtaking performance in the BellCo Theatre. Congratulations to the students, their All-State directors, their families and their music teachers on this incredible accomplishment.

Middle School All State Treble Choir
Teran Hayes, soprano I, Fox Ridge MS
Alexandria Porras, soprano I, Laredo MS
Alex Anguiana, soprano I, Thunder Ridge MS
Matthew Jones, soprano I, Laredo MS
Silu Deng, soprano II, Campus MS
Liza Flora, soprano II, Campus MS
Emerson Gomez, soprano II, Fox Ridge MS
Mia Lastrella, soprano II, Campus MS
Carly Mckenna, soprano II, Sky Vista MS
Kailani Moore, soprano II, Falcon Creek MS
Claire Nguyen, soprano II, Falcon Creek MS
Meron Demeke, alto, Laredo MS
Grace Dotson, alto, Falcon Creek MS
Laurel Grosz, alto, Laredo MS
Josh Guilford, alto, Falcon Creek MS
D’Angelo Marshall, alto, Laredo MS
Jake Rogers, alto, Falcon Creek MS
David Weinstein, alto, Campus MS

Middle School All-State Men’s Choir
Ivan Ghirmatsion, tenor I, Prairie MS
Edwin Harris, tenor I, Liberty MS
Matthew Himle, tenor I, Laredo MS
William Sidabutar, tenor I, Prairie MS
Matthew Cowley, tenor II, Fox Ridge MS
Reggie DeLaCruz, tenor II, Horizon MS
Nick Devine, tenor II, Campus MS
Ezra Pohan, tenor II, Prairie MS
Jerrel Reyes, tenor II, Fox Ridge MS
Samuel Wersch, tenor II, Prairie MS
Myles Aquino, baritone/bass, Fox Ridge MS
Andrew Mangnall, baritone/bass, Laredo MS
Beau Michel, baritone/bass, Fox Ridge MS
Joseph Wersch, baritone/bass, Prairie MS

Middle School All-State Women’s Choir
Danielle Fishman, soprano I, Laredo MS
Annalise Gray, soprano I, Laredo MS
Bailey Miller, soprano I, Falcon Creek MS
Brooke Schulte, soprano I, Falcon Creek MS
Sophia Stone, soprano I, Campus MS
Tabitha Willden, soprano I, Laredo MS
Emmily Fernandes, soprano II, Prairie MS
Faith Fukai, soprano II, Prairie MS
Katie Hall, soprano II, Horizon MS
Jessica Holmes, soprano II, Laredo MS
Bellinas Kakkar, soprano II, Liberty MS
Sabrina Lin, soprano II, Falcon Creek MS
Loren Palmer, soprano II, Falcon Creek MS
Hannah Skurcenski, soprano II, Liberty MS
Wray Szenderski, soprano II, Prairie MS
Anisha Das, alto, Falcon Creek MS
Emily Granados, alto, Prairie MS
Jake Keomanivong, alto, Prairie MS
Kate Lee, alto, Liberty MS
Abigail Teshome, alto, Laredo MS

The participating middle school choir directors are:
Tegan Palmer, choir director, Campus Middle School
Lori May, choir director, Falcon Creek Middle School
Shannon Schell, choir director, Fox Ridge Middle School
Roxann Bragg Fromm, choir director, Horizon Middle School
Clare Ingolia, choir director, Laredo Middle School
Seth Rouch, choir director, Liberty Middle School
Philip Drozda, choir director, Prairie Middle School and Colorado Middle School All-State Choir Co-Chair
Cassie Murray, Sky Vista Middle School
Teresa Newman, Thunder Ridge Middle School

Posted 2/10/2015 1:01 PM
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