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Congratulations to 2018 Aurora Scholars

Munlin familyIt was a big moment for Village East Elementary first-grader Curtis Munlin, Jr. and his entire family. He was one of more than 500 students honored as Aurora Scholars by the City of Aurora during standing-room-only celebrations held April 24 at Cherokee Trail High School and April 25 at Hinkley High School.

When Munlin’s name was announced by Village East Assistant Principal Yvonne Jackson, he humbly accepted a key to the city and walked across the stage in the Hinkley High School auditorium. He shook hands with Aurora City Council members, state legislators and representatives from the Colorado State Board of Education, Aurora Public Schools and Cherry Creek Schools. All the while, his parents and three sisters watched and cheered with pride.

Aurora Scholars handshake“I think this is a great thing because kids need to see that their hard work pays off,” said father Curtis Munlin. “I’m very proud of all the kids here and it shows we have a great future for the city.”

Celebrating the future leaders of Aurora is the point of the Aurora Scholars program, which marked its 10th anniversary in 2018. The program recognizes one student from every grade level at nearly every school in Aurora. That includes the 40 Cherry Creek School District schools located in Aurora, as well as Aurora Public Schools and private schools in the city. The students are selected by their principal, often with input from teachers and counselors.

The Aurora Scholars program aims to honor not just those who excel academically, but also those who may be excellent athletes, great citizens, dedicated volunteers or otherwise make significant contributions within their school community. Munlin is proud that even at such a young age, his son is excelling.

“His desire to learn and really be great at things is starting to manifest and show itself in the classroom results. The way he interacts with his teachers and his friends is really positive,” Munlin said.

Since its inception in 2009, the Aurora Scholars program has honored more than 4,000 students.

Congratulations to the 176 Cherry Creek Schools students who are 2018 Aurora Scholars:

Antelope Ridge Elementary
Yousuf Zabadne, 1st grade
Yashraj Raol, 2nd grade
Ruthie Hill, 3rd grade
Sadie Hixson, 4th grade
Evan Pleass, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Antelope Ridge.jpg
Arrowhead Elementary
Alan Vargas, 1st grade
Gelila Begashaw, 2nd grade
AJ Carosella, 3rd grade
Lydia Abate, 4th grade
Tyler Ranzenberger, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Arrowhead.jpg
Aspen Crossing Elementary
Gage Korn, 1st grade
Sycai Sirlona-Holmes, 2nd grade
Isabella Ruiz, 3rd grade
Giovanni McConville, 4th grade
Yannis Lokakao, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Aspen Crossing.jpg
Black Forest Hills Elementary
Brooklyn Walton, 1st grade
Londyn Donaldson, 2nd grade
Theodore Sison, 3rd grade
Braelynn Looney, 4th grade
Justice Dickson, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Black Forest Hills
Buffalo Trail Elementary
Preston Getty, 1st grade
Jayce Ames, 2nd grade
Isaac McCarty, 3rd grade
Ella Carter, 4th grade
Michael Halboth, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Buffalo Trail.jpg
Canyon Creek Elementary
Madelyn Hutchison, 1st grade
Corrine Becker, 2nd grade
Evelyn Weisbeck, 3rd grade
Miles Turner, 4th grade
Anthony Marquez-Lucero, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Canyon Creek.jpg
Cimarron Elementary
Marie Marick, 1st grade
Maddilyn Thomas, 2nd grade
Fareed Shah, 3rd grade
Serenity Davis, 4th grade
Natalya Roman-Gallegos, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Cimarron.jpg
Coyote Hills Elementary
Evelyn Edwards, 1st grade
Natalie Osborn, 2nd grade
Steven Foss, 3rd grade
Samantha Fuller, 4th grade
Nathan Baack, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Coyote Hills.jpg
Dakota Valley Elementary
Caleb Maupin, 1st grade
Lila Mauch, 2nd grade
Olivia Michlig, 3rd grade
Tritan Bishop, 4th grade
Ryann Elkins-Mitchell, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Dakota Valley.jpg
Eastridge Community Elementary
Scarlet Jane Callahan Martinez, 1st grade
Ashley Tatiana  Argueta Zuniga, 2nd grade
Nakato Fahima Naggayi, 3rd grade
Alaynah Lynette Sheppard, 4th grade
Emmanuel Darko Opku, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Eastridge.jpg
Fox Hollow Elementary
Jordan Mehleck, 1st grade
Emerson Leininger, 2nd grade
Declan Dillon, 3rd grade
Elaina Kerns, 4th grade
Yumna Hassan, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Fox Hollow.jpg
Highline Community Elementary
Marta Hagos, 1st grade
LaiLoni Line-Parker, 2nd grade
Stefan Knezevic, 3rd grade
Luis Chinchilla Guardado, 4th grade
Nayeli Sandoval, 5th grade
Independence Elementary
Teagan Tigner, 1st grade
Amira Mayes, 2nd grade
Cassen St. Clair, 3rd grade
Cary Morgan Reed, 4th grade
Mackenzie Malloy, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Independence.jpg
Indian Ridge Elementary
Lelle Agoston, 1st grade
Derek Honan, 2nd grade
Zane Cheetany, 3rd grade
Sebastian Montague, 4th grade
Trinity Nguyen, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Indian Ridge.jpg
Meadow Point Elementary
Kaelin Ta, 1st grade
Giovanni Morales, 2nd grade
Kaden Pham, 3rd grade
Constantin Kpanou, 4th grade
Jayla Sanders, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Meadow Point.jpg
Mission Viejo Elementary
Brianna Michelle Harris, 1st grade
Arianna Maribel Trujillo-Nunez, 2nd grade
Cora Leona Oliver, 3rd grade
Adrian Luis Castillo Aguirre, 4th grade
Justus Amare Marez, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Mission Viejo
Peakview Elementary
Michael Silkin, 1st grade
Aram Tedros, 2nd grade
Keiona Fields, 3rd grade
Riley Carlson, 4th grade
Naizel Miller, 5th grade
​Photo unavailable
Pine Ridge Elementary
Leo Frese, 1st grade
Maya Ehizuelen, 2nd grade
Willow Shultz, 3rd grade
Aiden Mitchell, 4th grade
Jace Florendo, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Pine Ridge.jpg
Polton Elementary
Maxwell Austin, 1st grade
Corrine Bludeau, 2nd grade
Branden Marley II, 3rd grade
Anderson Florea-Vean, 4th grade
Tensae Zeleke, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Polton.jpg
Ponderosa Elementary
Erin Meverden, 1st grade
Irvan Uphadaya, 2nd grade
Giana Allen, 3rd grade
Bryan Perez, 4th grade
Alex Nguyen, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Ponderosa.jpg
Red Hawk Ridge Elementary
Sophia Rodriguez, 1st grade
Jwalant Dave, 2nd grade
Aiden Mondragon, 3rd grade
Alyssa Rodriguez, 4th grade
Camila Roman, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Red Hawk Ridge.jpg
Rolling Hills Elementary
Samuel Kinzer, 1st grade
Anna Petre, 2nd grade
Lydia Gideon, 3rd grad
Peter Brown, 4th grade
Jace Filleman, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Rolling Hills.jpg
Sagebrush Elementary
Syon Horton, 1st grade
Sabre Koundo, 2nd grade
Chloe Kim, 3rd grade
Peyton Flagler, 4th grade
Jacqueline Revollar, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Sagebrush.jpg
Summit Elementary
Jessica Rodriguez, 1st grade
Kaiden Robinson, 2nd grade
Charlotte Bermudez, 3rd grade
Logan Dunlop, 4th grade
Saba Al Kaabi, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Summit.jpg
Sunrise Elementary
Natalie Quillinan, 1st grade
Malainah Mallo, 2nd grade
Jack Daly, 3rd grade
Rome Canale, 4th grade
Zion Diriba, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Sunrise.jpg
Timberline Elementary
Kaia Evans, 1st grade
Otto Rhine, 2nd grade
Mindy Yang, 3rd grade
Suzanne Cusimano, 4th grade
Rylene Sablan, 5th grade
Village East Elementary
Curtis Munlin, 1st grade
Lindsey Sarabia, 2nd grade
Kiera Mann, 3rd grade
Isabella Purevsuren, 4th grade
Laney Mann, 5th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Village East.jpg
Falcon Creek Middle School
Owen Zitek, 6th grade
Quincy Humphrey, 7th grade
Emily Haugsness, 8th grade
Fox Ridge Middle School
Brynne Ayensah, 6th grade
Brandon Joung, 7th grade
Rico Nelson, 8th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Fox Ridge MS.jpg
Horizon Community Middle School
Yohana Eshetu, 6th grade
Chigozie Ozor, 7th grade
Rachael Eurpose, 8th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Horizon MS.jpg
Infinity Middle School
Andrew Dominguez, 6th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Infinity MS.jpg
Laredo Middle School
Reyna Saunders, 6th grade
Thomas Gunning, 7th grade
Lauren Betts, 8th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Laredo MS.jpg
Liberty Middle School
Evianna Hall, 6th grade
Tazhan King, 7th grade
Amelia Pulsipher, 8th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Liberty MS.jpg
Prairie Middle School
Praise Meya, 6th grade
Vianca Mendoza, 7th grade
Joseph Asfaw, 8th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Prairie MS.jpg
Sky Vista Middle School
Praise Akpokiere, 6th grade
Blane Natnael, 7th grade
Favour Akpokiere, 8th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Sky Vista MS.jpg
Thunder Ridge Middle School
Cyle Crawford, 6th grade
Laci Roffle, 7th grade
Suren Sargsyan, 8th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Thunder Ridge MS.jpg
Cherokee Trail High School
Campbell Faust, 9th grade
Diego Cornejo, 10th grade
Brock Howard, 11th grade
Lauren Ore, 12th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Cherokee Trail HS.jpg
Grandview High School
Addison O'Grady, 9th grade
Jenny Carpenter, 10th grade
Natalie Yao, 11th grade
Monserrat Rodriguez Rivera, 12th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Grandview HS.jpg
Overland High School
Ilene Trahyan, 9th grade
Trevon Deden, 10th grade
Remington Bassett, 11th grade
Habiba Abdurahman, 12th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Overland HS.jpg
Smoky Hill High School
Sadie Holquin, 9th grade
Matine Khalighi, 10th grade
Malaysia Atwater, 11th grade
Megan Chang, 12th grade
2018 Aur Scholars Smoky Hill HS.jpg

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