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Inaugural CCSD Middle School Honor Choir selected

The first-ever Cherry Creek School District Middle School Honor Choir will perform at 5 p.m. today, Friday, March 3, at Grandview High School. The Honor Choir concert will include diverse and challenging pieces such as “Awake the Trumpet’s Loft Sound" from ‘Samson’ by George F. Handel and “Jubilate Deo” by Peter Anglea. Tickets are $12.

3 singersMore than 100 of the district’s best middle school vocalists were selected for this inaugural Honor Choir.

“The Middle School Honor Choir grew out of a desire to recognize our most talented and hardworking students with an honor choir experience,” said Teresa Newman, choir director at Thunder Ridge Middle School. “We wanted to offer our students this enrichment opportunity to work toward musical excellence, learn about team work and belong to something bigger than our individual schools.”

Dr. Jill BurgettStudents in the Middle School Honor Choir were selected through a competitive audition process that included a solo, sight-reading, aural recall and scale-singing. After being selected for the choir, students worked on their own to learn their music, before two days of rehearsals with guest conductor, Dr. Jill Burgett. She is the Director of Choral Music Ed/Associate Director of Choral Activities at the University of Northern Colorado, where she conducts the Women’s Glee Club and the UNC Chamber Choir. As they work with Dr. Burgett, the students expand their knowledge of vocal preparation, rehearsal and performance.

Congratulations to the inaugural CCSD Middle School Honor Choir:

Savannah Avila, Falcon Creek
Makenna Batcho, Prairie
Abigail Brannon, Thunder Ridge
Michaela Brown, Campus
Jayda Charlton, Horizon
Olivia Cheung, Campus
Nicola Cox, Campus
Kailei Davison, Fox Ridge
Kristina Domashevich, Laredo
Allison Elder, Fox Ridge
Elizabeth Haring, Falcon Creek
Christina Ho, Prairie
Megan Hodges, Fox Ridge
Elizabeth Hoh, Thunder Ridge
Alyssa Iverson, Laredo
Andrea Kaiser, Sky Vistsa            
Emma Larson, Fox Ridge
Vernessa Martinez, Horizon
Haley McIlroy, Fox Ridge
Suma Mudapalli, Fox Ridge
Allison Ofori, Prairie
Ella Olander, Fox Ridge
Sabrina Patten, Sky Vista
Rachel Perez, Sky Vista
Savannah Phillips, Fox Ridge
Leo Pryor, Horizon
Hailey Robinson, Falcon Creek
Jaydie Ryu, Laredo
Megan Sullivan, Laredo
Jasenia Sutherlin, Laredo
Sophia Trinidad, Sky Vista
Sarai Venegas, Prairie
Caroline Wasonga, Prairie
Sarah Wraalstad, Sky Vista
Hannah Meg Weinraub, Campus

Hailee Catrell, Thunder Ridge
Amaya Clardy, Laredo
Amelie Colsman, Campus
Hannah Degrado, Fox Ridge
Carolyn Emereuwa, Horizon
Tangikina Fifita, Laredo
Tupoutua Fifita, Laredo
Emma Freeman, Fox Ridge
Genevieve Garson, Falcon Creek
Amiya Gilford Taylor, Prairie
Zach Gibbons, Campus
Rachael Gladu, Campus
Emily Harrison, Fox Ridge
Ti Harrison, Falcon Creek
Vanessa Hollander, Campus
Anna Huebschmann, Prairie
I’mya Jones, Horizon
Ria Kashikar, Campus
Emma Lamberth, Thunder Ridge
Kalisi Loveridge, Campus
Aspen McCart, Thunder Ridge
Rebekah McNamera, Thunder Ridge
Emmi Morton, Fox Ridge
Cagla Numonogla, Campus
Ethan Otto, Falcon Creek
Mallory Reiswig, Thunder Ridge
Saide Rutherford, Prairie
Maria Sanchez Chafalote, Prairie
Jorah Scott, Fox Ridge
Johrdan Starr, Prairie
Kelly Taylor, Campus
Meredith Thallheimer, Prairie

Moses Bailey, Falcon Creek
Grant Buttshaw, Thunder Ridge
Mason Chansamone, Prairie
Jager Delosreyes, Smoky Hill HS
Harley Dix, Thunder Ridge
Aodhan Farrell, Thunder Ridge
Joseph Fey, Prairie
William Hnatik, Sky Vista
Jarom Hopkins, Horizon
Jacob Hulbert, Smoky Hill HS
Matt Jones, Smoky Hill HS
Hadi Maaliki, Laredo
Jackson McCart, Thunder Ridge
Kaleb Moore, Fox Ridge
Nathan Mukooba, Smoky Hill HS
Joseph Newman, Laredo
Brey Robinson-Deeds, Fox Ridge
Ethan Schieck, Smoky Hill HS
Logan Steel, Smoky Hill HS
Jeremy Tang, Smoky Hill HS
Marcus Walker, Laredo
Isaac Williams, Falcon Creek

Colton Baker, Laredo
Brett Chelf, Sky Vista
Matthew Cowley, Cherokee Trail HS
Anderson Croshaw, Grandview HS
Nathan Chelf, Smoky Hill HS
Isaiah Fuller, Laredo
Eduardo Garcia, Overland HS
Artur Katayev, Prairie
Derek Kirk, Smoky Hill HS
Awsif Khokhar, Smoky Hill HS
Treyvon Little, Laredo
Anthony Martin, Laredo
Ezra Pohan, Overland HS
Manny Price, Smoky Hill HS
William Sidabutar, Overland HS
Liam Whitman, Smoky Hill HS
Brendan Wilcox, Smoky Hill HS
Joshua Zacklene Brown, Thunder Ridge

Posted 3/3/2017 12:55 PM
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