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Cherry Creek Schools students honored as 2017 Aurora Scholars

​To the cheers and applause of family and friends, 174 students from the Cherry Creek School District’s Aurora schools were honored as “Aurora Scholars” during presentations on April 25 at Overland High School and April 26 at Hinkley High School. The Cherry Creek Schools students, along with students from Aurora Public Schools, were recognized by officials from the City of Aurora and their schools and districts, for their academic achievements and for contributing to their school and community.

The Aurora Scholars program was founded by former Aurora City Councilman Larry Beer, who wanted to honor Aurora’s high-achieving students in Cherry Creek Schools, Aurora Public Schools and Aurora’s private and parochial schools. Students had to be nominated for the honor by one of their teachers. One student from each grade level was selected from each elementary, middle and high school in Aurora.

Congratulations to all of the Cherry Creek School District’s Aurora Scholars!

​Antelope Ridge Elementary

Assela Geka, 1st grade
Alexander Richardson, 2nd grade
Laynie Stohl, 3rd grade
Kale Halfacre, 4th grade
Tyra Vang, 5th grade
Antelope Ridge Aurora Scholars
​Arrowhead Elementary

Ethan Eshetu, 1st grade
Audrey Dierks, 2nd grade
Daniela Abigail Ramierez Hercules, 3rd grade
Aaron Wolf, 4th grade
Yoseph Esayas, 5th grade
Arrowhead Aurora Scholars
​Aspen Crossing Elementary

Ava Anderson, 1st grade
Carsyn Henry, 2nd grade
Ola Hassan, 3rd grade
Aubrey Fritz, 4th grade
Jordan Henry, 5th grade
Aspen Crossing Aurora Scholars
​Black Forest Hills Elementary

Cameron Robinson, 1st grade
Prayush Bhattarai, 2nd grade
Zaden Evans, 3rd grade
Daniel Wise, 4th grade
Sofia Lucero, 5th grade
Black Forest Hills Aurora Scholars
Buffalo Trail Elementary

Jonathan Spence, 1st grade
Amira Brown, 2nd grade
Carter Getty, 3rd grade
Nicolas Prete, 4th grade
Huldah Belaye, 5th grade

Buffalo Trail Aurora Scholars
​Canyon Creek Elementary

Tavian Hughes, 1st grade
Evelyn Polietova, 2nd grade
Hezekiah Louis, 3rd grade
Kale Sparks, 4th grade
Kayleigh Jones, 5th grade
Canyon Creek Aurora Scholars
​Cimarron Elementary

Ollie Callan, 1st grade
Morgan Wilson, 2nd grade
Landen Holmes, 3rd grade
Abel Amnesisa, 4th grade
Cylee Karabell, 5th grade
​Coyote Hills Elementary

Charlie Schoonover, 2nd grade
Christopher Rudolph, 3rd grade
Abigail Kerns, 4th grade
Lauren Jose, 5th grade
Coyote Hills Elementary Aurora Scholars
​Dakota Valley Elementary

Camille Campos, 1st grade
Eve Umpleby, 2nd grade
Parker Luck, 3rd grade
Alyssa Goode, 4th grade
Tatiana Villasenor, 5th grade
​Eastridge Community Elementary

Naomi, Adeniran, 1st grade
Evelyn Carrillo, 2nd grade
Alaynah Sheppard, 3rd grade
Daniel Wasonga, 4th grade
Yaretxi Orozco Valdez, 5th grade
Eastridge Aurora Scholars
​Fox Hollow Elementary

Rhema Chandran, 1st grade
Dennee Hendrix, 2nd grade
Brenna Keefe, 3rd grade
Eliza Monson, 4th grade
Sophia Parris, 5th grade
Fox Hollow Aurora Scholars
​Highline Community Elementary

Ava Cooper, 1st grade
MJ Masek, 2nd grade
Alexa Herrera, 3rd grade
Vava Milton, 4th grade
Brion Marcuz Wilhelm Morales, 5th grade
Highline Community Elementary Aurora Scholars
​Independence Elementary

Vincenzo "Vinnie" Scancarello, 1st grade
Nicholas Seifert, 2nd grade
Paige Hull, 3rd grade
King Martin, 4th grade
Giovani Mauro De Jesus, 5th grade
​Indian Ridge Elementary

Braxton, 1st grade
Lyla, 2nd grade
Clay, 3rd grade
Andrea, 4th grade
Mason, 5th grade
​Meadow Point Elementary

Luz Gatica Chavez, 1st grade
Shelby Stoneberger, 2nd grade
Noah Weiland, 3rd grade
Neneh Sall, 4th grade
Fayt Wright, 5th grade
​Mission Viejo Elementary

Che Duran, 1st grade
Ashlee Ayala Vargas, 2nd grade
Ike Cohn, 3rd grade
Desire Gee, 4th grade
Kestin Kuhn, 5th grade
Mission Viejo Aurora Scholars
​Peakview Elementary

Aram Tedros, 1st grade
Ava Barker, 2nd grade
Khaled Ajour, 3rd grade
Elizabeth Kesler, 4th grade
Maya Baca, 5th grade

​Pine Ridge Elementary

Reese Mata, 1st grade
Cynthia Cappella, 2nd grade
Poppy Brown, 3rd grade
Cadence Boeff, 4th grade
Abigail Williford, 5th grade
Pine Ridge Aurora Scholars
​Polton Elementary

Danica Nicholson, 1st grade
River Childers, 2nd grade
Sydney Booker, 3rd grade
Maya Gates, 4th grade
Lily Dilworth, 5th grade
Polton Aurora Scholars
​Ponderosa Elementary

Khaiden Nguyen Law, 1st grade
Briony Nicole Rowland, 1st grade
Arsema Getaneh Mulushewa, 3rd grade
Katelyn Nicole Glavan, 4th grade
Tyrah Marie Dawson, 5th grade

Ponderosa Elementary Aurora Scholars
​Red Hawk Ridge Elementary

Colton Leigh, 1st grade
Vedika Sharma, 2nd
Jacob Swanson, 3rd grade
Riley Kanive, 4th grade
Haadiya Ahmad, 5th grade

Red Hawk Ridge Aurora Scholars
​Rolling Hills Elementary

Kalia Baker, 1st grade
Ronen Sahs, 2nd grade
Gabrielle Williams, 3rd grade
Aiden Wills, 4th grade
Campbell Charles, 5th grade
Rolling Hills Aurora Scholars
​Sagebrush Elementary

Evan Eisenberg, 1st grade
Daniel Naylor, 2nd grade
Da'Marius Lavender, 3rd grade
Devan Naastad, 4th grade
Hailee Rist, 5th grade

Sagebrush Aurora Scholars
​Summit Elementary

Kenar Ahmed, 1st grade
Chloe Dukes, 2nd grade
Andrew Wedow, 3rd grade
Isiyas Johnson, 4th grade
Jacqueline Duran, 5th grade
Summit Aurora Scholars
​Sunrise Elementary

Hunter Malay, 1st grade
Andrew Quillinan, 2nd grade
Aniah Gulick, 3rd grade
Jazlyn Martell, 4th grade
Joel Sullivan, 5th grade

Sunrise Aurora Scholars
​Timberline Elementary

Kashous Hannon, 1st grade
Ryann Owens, 2nd grade
Bryceson Pryor, 3rd grade
Logan Robitaille, 4th grade
Jaden Smith, 5th grade

Timberline Aurora Scholars
​Village East Elementary

Ariana Moranchel, 1st grade
Brayan Miranda Ochoa, 2nd grade
Mohamed Ahmed, 3rd grade
Menkhu Jones, 4th grade
Atnatios Sintayehu, 5th grade

​Falcon Creek Middle School

McKenzie Droughns, 6th grade
Orezi Ogbe, 7th grade
Jara Bousso Mbaye, 8th grade
Falcon Creek Aurora Scholars
​Fox Ridge Middle School

Shanele Samuels, 6th grade
Matthew Lucero, 7th grade
Amelia Thorn, 8th grade
Fox Ridge Aurora Scholars
​Horizon Community Middle School

Merhawi Zerai, 6th grade
Kenedy Sandoval, 7th grade
Brian Lim, 8th grade
Horizon Aurora Scholars
​Laredo Middle School

Kathryne Sullivan, 6th grade
Amaya Clardy, 7th grade
Sereebe Ferjani, 8th grade
Laredo Aurora Scholars
​Liberty Middle School

Dell-Allen Beauge, 6th grade
Anna Kriss, 7th grade
Hadlie Bird Bear, 8th grade
Liberty Aurora Scholars
​Prairie Middle School

Iree Felix Lacott, 6th grade
Caiyan Bass, 7th grade
Joseph Tewolde, 8th grade

Prairie Aurora Scholars
​Sky Vista Middle School

Savannah Roberts, 6th grade
Deja Harper, 7th grade
Mary Muro, 8th grade

​Thunder Ridge Middle School

Andrew Perez, 6th grade
Araceli Ceja, 7th grade
Jada Dixon, 8th grade
Thunder Ridge Aurora Scholars
​Cherokee Trail High School

Jeremiah Jordan, 9th grade
Ishika Patel, 10th grade
Lauren Solano, 11th grade
Edward Chan, 12th grade
Cherokee Trail Aurora Scholars
​Grandview High School

Lily Newberry, 9th grade
Alyssa Kong, 10th grade
Kira Hopkins, 11th grade
Alexandra Lee, 12th grade
Grandview Aurora Scholars
​Overland High School

Ashley Conlin, 9th grade
Jalon'e Rice, 10th grade
Andrea Balderas Moreno, 11th grade
Eddy Panklang, 12th grade
Overland Aurora Scholars
Smoky Hill High School

Miller Vu, 9th grade
Eashan Sahai, 10th grade
Lauren Yeager, 11th grade
Leah Gibson, 12th grade
Smoky Hill Aurora Scholars

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