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Cherry Creek Schools Honor Bands: a decade of excellence in music

students from the district performing their set on stage, all dressed in tuxedos and dresses.

For the past nine years, outstanding student musicians in the Cherry Creek School District’s middle and high schools have had the opportunity to expand their musical knowledge and skills by working with exceptional guest conductors and performing with talented peers. This year was no different, as 143 young musicians from every traditional middle and high school in the district performed in the Cherry Creek School District Honor Bands Concert, held Feb. 6 at Cherry Creek High School.

The CCSD Honor Bands program, celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2016, is designed to continually raise the standard of music education in the district and recognize exceptional student musicians.

students  in the honor band rehearsing for their big performance.“As directors, we look forward to Honor Band weekend every year because we get to feature our most dedicated and talented students, side by side with similarly motivated peers,” said Sara Wynes, associate band director at Cherry Creek High School. “In addition, we all get to learn from top guest conductors from the university level.  It's a really great experience for students and teachers alike!"

This year, more than 200 students auditioned for the ensembles. Seventy-six were selected for the Middle School Honor Band and 67 for the High School Honor Band. The ensembles were conducted by Dr. Erik Johnson, assistant professor of music education at Colorado State University, and Dr. Rebecca Phillips, Director of Bands and Associate Professor of Music at CSU.

Congratulations to the following Honor Band students!

Middle School Honor Band Students
April Lee - Sky Vista
Lauren Choi - Laredo
Emily Zhang - Campus
Judy Chen - CC Academy
Kaley Kemp - Liberty
Joy Bedford - West
Paige Sauerbreit - Liberty
Leah Shin - Campus
Ashly Hervey - Horizon
Annie Dinh - Sky Vista

Hannah Back - Campus
Vicky Evans - Liberty

Thomas Williams - West
Brendon Conway - Thunder Ridge

Kayla Kiger - Liberty
Yunjae Jung - Campus
Jordan Walters - Falcon Creek
Andrew Kim - Falcon Creek
Nicole Chen - Campus
Mariela Marceny - West
Aaliyah Thompson - Prairie
Sesina Habte - Sky Vista
Dong Gyu Jang - Campus
Michelle Kim - Campus
Breeya Cooper - Liberty
Carlee Paterson - Fox Ridge
Faith Watkins - West
John Zhou - West

Bass Clarinet
Blake Davis - Laredo

Alto Sax
Cameron Cary - CC Academy
Elizabeth Hoh - Thunder Ridge
Toliver Craig - Fox Ridge
James Noh - Liberty
Sky Wilson - Horizon
Carlos Aguilera Hernandez - Prairie

Tenor Sax
Dhruv Shrivastrava - CC Academy
Adam Signorelli - Sky Vista
Baritone Saxophone
Julia Matey - Falcon Creek
Zachary Yetsko - Prairie

Aaron Meininger - Liberty
Sekou Souare - Prairie
Zach Harris - Thunder Ridge
Katherine Larsen - Sky Vista
Alex Brown - Thunder Ridge
Shane Barkley - Thunder Ridge
Cole Lafferty - Prairie
Andrea Kaiser - Sky Vista
Lukas Beisner - Liberty
Evan Dwinnell - West

Nicole Benson - West
Owen Eichenseer - Horizon
Priya Natarajan - Liberty
Kayli Kilzer - CC Academy
Ramsey Headrick - West
AnneMarie Marion - Laredo

Annie Guy - Fox Ridge
Madison Morgan - Thunder Ridge
Quinn Roark - Campus
William Gear - West
Audrey Dow - Campus
Kyler Garretson - Laredo
Nyabuath Tuom - Horizon
Connery McGrath - Laredo
Hank Jamison - Prairie

Santiago Zachman - Liberty
Preston Kilzer - CC Academy

Elly Smith - Liberty
Zach Winter - Thunder Ridge
Eric Tang - West

Gabriella Ello - Fox Ridge
AJ Hudson - West
Joshua Gienger-Nieves - West
Nicholas Schell - Fox Ridge
Maya Reno - Prairie
Cameron Adams - Campus
High School Honor Band Students

Erin Dodds        OHS
Sara Joung        CCHS
Megan Kang        GHS
James Lee        CCHS
Suzie Leslie        SHHS
Annie Lu        CTHS
Emily Morton        GHS
Morgan Scheinin    CTHS

Walker Hans        SHHS
Jamie Lee        SHHS

Chloe Beardsley        CCHS
Adam Bell        CCHS
Anne Chen        CCHS
Ali Clark-Elsayed    GHS
Allison Dransfield    CTHS
Travis Hansen        GHS
Daniel Kim        CCHS
Katie Knutson        EHS
Ethan Miller        EHS
Savannah Morris    GHS
Ellie Nash        CCHS
Logan Schoonover    GHS
Anthony Singer        CCHS
Bass Clarinet
Julian Ruiz        OHS
Luca Zocchi        CCHS

Isaac Helmick        GHS
Marissa Lopez        CTHS

Alto Saxophone
Won Jae Kim        CCHS
Cliff Xu            CCHS

Tenor Saxophone
Cole Baeder        CTHS

Baritone Saxophone
Lowell Salazar        SHHS

Sarah Altshuler        SHHS
Jeremy Doniger        CCHS
Ethan Fleer        CCHS
Carol Johnson        GHS
Jacob Perez        EHS
Daniel Proctor        CCHS
James Singer        CCHS
Ian Woodyard        EHS

Elisabeth Bristol    SHHS
Laura Kaiser        EHS
Abby Marynowski    SHHS
Kamela Moulton    SHHS
Scout Perez        GHS
Tiffany Wingard        CTHS

Hannah Cussen        CCHS
Jenny Ha        CCHS
Ilin Joshi        CTHS
Theo Montgomery    CCHS
Nathan Park        SHHS
Dylan Perez         EHS
Garrick Phillips    SHHS
Anna Varosy        SHHS
Nina Yee        CCHS

Devan Johnson        SHHS
David Raby        CTHS
Savannah Spears    SHHS
Bryson Bosch        CCHS
Teylor Cline        CCHS
Dillon Duffield        CTHS
Jessica Goldberg    SHHS

Gabe Adriano        GHS
Austin Blackman    EHS
Thomas Cowley        EHS
Maya Cutforth        CCHS
Brandon diLorenzo    SHHS
Max Gordon        SHHS
Nicole Moody        EHS

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