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Cherry Creek Schools teachers achieve National Board Certification

Yvette Wrona, Katrina Shroyer, and Ted Hartnett all smile as new certified teachers with red and white balloons in the back.Three teachers in the Cherry Creek School District earned National Board Certification in 2015 and five others renewed their certification, according to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), which sets the standards for teaching excellence and administers the rigorous National Board Certification program. The Cherry Creek School District now has 109 National Board Certified teachers, the third most in the state of Colorado.

Congratulations to these newly National Board Certified teachers:
•    Ted Hartnett, Sagebrush Elementary School, Middle Childhood Generalist
•    Katrina Shroyer, S.T.A.R. Mentor, Early and Middle Childhood Literacy  
•    Yvette Wrona, Red Hawk Ridge Elementary School, English as a New Learner

And to these recently renewed National Board Certified teachers:
•    Kathy Duggan, West Middle School, Social Studies
•    Denise Goldin-Dubois, ISF/STEM, Math
•    Curtis Holmes, Smoky Hill High School, Social Studies
•    Cindy Johnson, Thunder Ridge Middle School, Math
•    Michael Stanley, Liberty Middle School, Literacy

“We are fortunate to have these exceptional educators in our schools, working with our students,” said Dr. Harry Bull, superintendent of Cherry Creek Schools. “They have invested an incredible amount of time and effort to take their teaching to an ever-higher level and that, in turn, contributes to the academic growth and success of each and every one of their students.”

National Board Certification is the most respected professional certification available in education. Certification consists of four components: written assessment of content knowledge, reflection on student work samples, video and analysis of teaching practice, and documented impact and accomplishments as a teaching professional.

Renewal is a personal and public statement about a teacher’s commitment to the profession and to his or her students. Accomplished teachers recognize that their professional learning and growth never end. In any given subject and developmental area, best practice and knowledge are constantly evolving. At the same time, changes in technology and policy affect every aspect of education, from the classroom to administration.

Nationally, less than two percent of teachers have earned National Board Certification. In 2015, 1,826 teachers achieved National Board Certification, bringing the total number of National Board Certified teachers nationwide to 112,286. All 50 states, the District of Columbia and more than 700 local school districts recognize National Board Certification as a mark of distinction and excellence.

Meet National Board Certified Teacher Ted Harnett:

Ted HarnettHow long have you been at your current school, in CCSD and in the profession?
I have been at Sagebrush Elementary and in Cherry Creek Schools for 17 years. I’ve been a teacher for 19 years.
What inspired you to become a teacher?
My mom inspired me to be a teacher.  She was a para for 22 years and led reading groups for remedial readers.  I saw the difference she made in the kids’ lives and the connections she created with the kids.  After seeing the difference she truly made, I knew teaching was for me.
What do you enjoy most about teaching?
The honest conversations kids have with you. Kids do say the “darndest things.”  The best moments in teaching are when you can see the lightbulb click in a student’s head, and they “get it!”  That’s the moment that is priceless!
Why did you decide to pursue National Board Certification?
I believe it is important to stay on the cutting edge of teaching.  Pursuing National Board certification challenged my skills and brought them to a higher level.
What was the NBC experience like?
The NBC experience was challenging.  The area I felt I grew the most in was self-reflection - to truly take the time and reflect on each lesson’s goal and outcome.
How will you and your students benefit from your certification?
I definitely will benefit from emphasizing multiple entry points for each lesson so each child can benefit from my lessons.  My students will benefit from me constantly developing, monitoring and adjusting my plans to meet all of their needs.

Meet National Board Certified Teacher Katrina Shroyer:

Katrina ShroyerHow long have you been at your current school, in CCSD and in the profession?
I’m currently working as an elementary STAR mentor, but my previous school was Eastridge Community Elementary, where I taught for 12 years. I’ve been in CCSD and the profession for 14 years.  
What inspired you to become a teacher in the first place?
After having worked in the financial industry, I wanted to work with children and to feel like I was making a worthwhile contribution to society. As a kid, I really loved school and continued that love of learning through the years.
What do you enjoy most about teaching?
I really love seeing students experience that moment when they “get it.” I enjoy seeing my students connect with experiences in the classroom that increase their knowledge. I love exposing them to lessons that will pull in their interest and expose them to new experiences.  
Why did you decide to pursue National Board Certification?
Early in my career there were several teachers who pursued their certification and I witnessed their process. They inspired me to constantly be willing to learn and grow. In making the decision to pursue National Board Certification, I felt that it would be a great opportunity to challenge myself and reflect on my teaching practices to become a better teacher to my students.   
What was the NBC experience like?
The NBC experience was quite rigorous. It takes time and dedication, but there are so many avenues of support and a community of others to turn to. I would encourage everyone to do it with friends so that you have that support system available and others to review your work and go through the process with you.
How will you and your students benefit from your certification?
Through the pursuit of the certification, I constantly had to reflect on many aspects of my teaching. Through reflection, I can determine how my students are learning and how I need to determine my instruction based on the analysis of the data. In my work with new teachers, I’m able to provide support to their students through the conversations with new teachers, passing along knowledge I gained through the certification process.

Meet National Board Certified Teacher Yvette Wrona:

Yvette WronaHow long have you been at your current school, in CCSD and in the profession?
I have been at Red Hawk Ridge Elementary for 11 years and with the district and in the profession for 17 years.
What inspired you to become a teacher in the first place?
Entering college, I knew I wanted to have an impact on kids, but I wasn’t sure in what aspect (counseling, social work, etc).  Teaching encompasses every aspect.
What do you enjoy most about teaching?
You never know what surprises and challenges your day will hold. I enjoy connecting with students and seeing them evolve as people.
Why did you decide to pursue National Board Certification?
I wanted to gain more insight on my teaching and be a more effective teacher.  
What was the NBC experience like?
It was consuming yet rewarding, with tons of reflecting and writing.  
How will you and your students benefit from your certification?
I find myself reflecting on my teaching, lessons, assessments and parent connections on a deeper level which impacts everything I present to my students and the frequency with which I connect with families.

Posted 1/29/2016 1:27 PM
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