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CCSD students shine at Regional Science and Engineering Fair
Want to be amazed? Check out some of the projects Cherry Creek Schools’ students presented this week at the 2013 Regional Denver Metropolitan Science and Engineering Fair, held Feb. 27 at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

More than 560 students in 6th to 12th grade from schools across the metro area participated in categories ranging from cellular and molecular biology to electrical and mechanical engineering. Close to 200 professional members of the scientific and business community served as judges.

Challenge School eighth grader Avi Swartz won Best in Show, Junior Division, with his project titled “An attempted polynomial solution to an NP problem” while Cherry Creek High School sophomore Connor Sendel won Best in Show, Senior Division, for his presentation on “iPad cases for Autism.” Sendel also received an all expenses paid trip to the Intel International Science and Engineering fair May 12-17 in Phoenix.

Many CCSD students brought home category or special awards and earned the right to go on to the State Science and Engineering Fair in April.

Congratulations to these student scientists and engineers:

From Liberty Middle School:
Earth Science – Second Place – Kayla Seggelke
Special Award – Oral Hygiene Assoc. – Daniel DaSilva

From the Challenge School:
Cellular and Molecular Biology – 1st place – Rahul Ramesh, “Constructing a Microbial Desalination Fuel Cell to Generate Electricity from Anaerobic Wastewater Sludge and Reduce Conductivity in Salt Water”
Earth Science – 1st place – Melody Shellman, “Does Fracking Cause Earthquakes?- An investigation to see if fracking fluids contribute to earthquakes”
Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering – 1st place – Aditya Kumar, “How Heat Affects Wood Glue”
Environmental Management – 1st place – Hari Sowrirajan, “Can Using Cyanobacteria Reduce CO2 Emissions from Cars”
Mathematical Science – 1st place – Avi Swartz, “An attempted polynomial solution to an NP problem”
Physics and Astronomy – 1st place – Sean Smith, “Seeing Sound: A study of Cymatics in two dimensions”
Computer Science – 2nd place – Tyler Giallanza and Alex Martin
Medicine and Health – 3rd place – Terry Chen and Peyton Dailey
Microbiology – 3rd place – Courtney Haag
Environmental Sciences – 3rd place – Penaloza and Kyndall Hadley
Special Oral Sciences Award – Tanzilla Purnota
University of Colorado Award for Best Math based Project – Avi Swartz
University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Award – Courtney Haag
Hutton Architecture Best Solar Energy Project – Nikodemus Sendak
Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners SPASH Award for Best Water Quality Project – Emily Morton

From Cherry Creek High School:
Animal Sciences:
Apoorva Krishnan (1st Place/State Qualifier) – Investigation through correlation of obesity to clinical parameters observed in golden retrievers.
Joseph Schroer (2nd Place) – Aquatic live movement patterns through acoustic telemetry.
Behavioral and Social Science:
Bu Sun Kim (1st Place/State Qualifier) – Differences in auditory discrimination of bilinguals.
Neya Manavalan (2nd Place/State Qualifier) – Reliable testimony.
Cellular and Molecular Biology:
Joey Park, Matthew Winchester, and Nidesh Lamichhane (1st Place/State Qualifier) – Analyzation of aldehyde dehydrogenase evolutionary history and functionality.
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering:
Connor Sendel (Best in Show/International Qualifier, 1st Place category/State Qualifier, Engineering Special Award, Achievement in Engineering Award – Society of Professional Engineers, Materials Education Award) – iPad cases for autism.
Mechanical and Bioengineering:
Jacob Presken (1st/State Qualifier) – Does Quickdry dry quickly?
Environmental Sciences:
Ju Young Kwag (1st/State Qualifier) – The effect of synthetic fertilizer on harmful algal blooms.
Environmental Management:
Karenna Bol, Jacqueline Guerra, Claire Fielder (1st Place/State Qualifier, Special Award in Environmental Management) – Digestion of oil by various types of bacteria at various temperatures.
Hannah Keller (2nd Place/State Qualifier) – Effects of natural and synthetic fertilizers on soil.
Medicine and Health:
Vishal Krishnan (2nd/State Qualifier) – Understanding the mutations of Von Willebrand disease and how they affect blood clotting.
Allison Weinberger (3rd Place/State Qualifier) – The effect of homeopathic Arnica montana on fruit flies: does Arnica montana inhibit the lethal effects of Arnica montana in Drosophila melanogaster?
Michael Brady (1st Place/State Qualifier) – A microbial fuel cell for those without access to clean water and electricity.
Moeka Nakagawa (2nd Place) – The role of AMPK in alcoholic liver disease.
Dwight Clark (3rd Place) – Digestion of endocrine disrupting compound surrogates by Sphingomonas spp.
Plant Sciences:
Jonathan Xu (2nd in show/International Qualifier; 1st Place Category/State Qualifier) – The effect of electromagnetic frequencies on cells.
Johnathan Treihoft, Ben Myers (2nd Place) – Plant growth as an effect of sound frequencies.
Special Awards:
Cameron Summers  (special award solar energy) – Harnessing the energy of the ocean currents.
Rebecca Schiff , Julie Sklar (special award for family medicine) – Exercise and type I diabetes.

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